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Feature Post

Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods used to tell and share your story while increasing your visibility online and building your brand. Taking advantage of Featured Posts (aka “Branded Content” or “Sponsored Content”) on our sister media channel PTBOCanada.com will greatly increase your brand recognition by engaging with a broader audience of consumers.

With a steady and constant stream of content being published on a daily basis, having the ability to showcase your business/organization, who you are as a person, or highlight different services you might offer through a Featured Post on PTBOCanada to a diverse, engaged audience will generate more leads for your business, and in-turn grow revenue.

Featured Posts give your business many opportunities, including building a relationship with prospective clients and a deeper one with existing customers. Other opportunities include increasing brand awareness, generating more inbound traffic, helping to improve your search engine ranking, turning higher conversion rates, providing your customers with increased satisfaction, improving or growing your brand loyalty, generating additional brand authority, and gaining marketplace insights, to name a few.

This service will provide your business with a specific and relatable post that can be shared with over 50,000 social media users on PTBOCanada’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms, combined.

Every business/organization/person/brand has a unique story to tell. Tell yours with a Featured Post.