Our Book, “What If You Could?” Is Out!

Great news, our new book “What If You Could?” is out!  

This breezy, whimsical read gives people the motivation and the mental toolkit they need to create a more prosperous, happier life personally and professionally – especially in a post-pandemic world.  

With a foreword by the one and only David Meltzer, the book is the ultimate blueprint for designing your life of purpose and is hitting virtual bookshelves worldwide just in time for summer beach and travel reading. You can read it in literally a couple hours and come back to it often, and dog-ear your fave pages.

Pass along to friends/family/colleagues as well who you think may find inspiration from it — or better yet, buy them their own copy!!  

There is no real order to the book, so read it back to front, middle to back, whatever you choose… 

Packed with beautiful illustrations and eye-catching typography from our design team here at the studio, we’ve had some great advance praise rolling in for it that we’re so grateful for!   “’Must read… an inspiring roadmap to generating next level results in your business and your life.” —Robert Gauvreau, author, The Wealthy Entrepreneur 

“Easy read packed with tips on how to create your own luck in this life and how to foster a successful mindset!” —Cat Howell, entrepreneur 

“I highly recommend this book to anyone searching for ‘More’ in every aspect of their lives.” —Belinda Ginter, International Mindset Expert

“I like the simplicity of this book” —Sherrie Rose, No. 1 Rated Webinar Coach

“The lessons contained within will help to ensure you give intention to the right things.” —David Meltzer, Co-Founder, Sports 1 Marketing

Get your copy of “What If You Could?” here:  Kindle eBook:

Amazon paperback

Barnes & Noble paperback

– Neil Morton/Cody May, Co-Authors, “What If You Could?”; Managing Partners, StudioPTBO.com

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