New Appointment Engine Score

We have helped 8 new real estate teams implement the Dedicated Appointment Engine in the last 2 weeks. 

So far majority of our clients are seeing 2 – 7 appointments a day (we can scale this up with ad spend)…

I was chatting with my mentor Sharran who told me a story of when he was a banker at Goldman Sachs – the then CEO gave him a piece of advice.

He said:
“Whoever has the biggest pipeline wins”

And that phrase is MORE important in real estate now than any other time because…

1. Markets feel a little uncertain
2. Rates feel a little volatile
3. Prices feel all over the place

… but as soon as there is a little stability, there is going to be an unreal surge in activity.

You must be ready… now and in the near future.

And the only way to capitalize on that is to build the biggest possible pipeline right now.

The top real estate teams do this… They say success leaves clues…


#1. Run any ad you want on TikTok, Fb, Google or Insta to generate you leads (including listings campaigns)

+++ Including built-in circle prospecting

#2. Nurture the leads for life with emails and text

#3. Hire, onboard, train and retain a dedicated inside sales assistant that will work your front end leads and will also call your idx/search leads to set in person showings, live transfers and booked appointments.

We are looking for 8 more real estate agents/teams to help ensure that 2023 is the success they want it to be… because what you do right now will dictate your spring market… it’s just the truth.

If you want more info about our Dedicated Appointment Engine, start by getting your Appointment Engine Score –

Cody May
CEO at Sheridan St.
#1 Lead Generation & Appointment Setting Agency for Real Estate Agents / Teams

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