Navigating the Marathon: A $1 Billion Lesson in Marketing, Trust, and Conversations

Apple is a $1 billion dollar company…

And… I recently had a marketing revelation I stumbled upon while buying a MacBook Air – a lesson that is worth a cool $1 billion.

So, picture this: two years ago, I’m in the Apple store, surrounded by sleek MacBooks and Apple reps that could help answer my questions, and instead of making a decision, I spent the next two years researching, comparing and contemplating…

I definitely needed a new laptop two years ago, but I kept justifying to myself that I was going to wait it out. 

In fact, my laptop would not work without it being plugged into the wall… 

And I use it everyday. 

But… Why would I do this? 

Why would I wait it out?

Why would I decide to spend this much time doing research? 

I wasn’t certain about the decision. 

I was in pain – but no one was able to uncover that pain until I had enough and made the decision myself.

See… good marketing isn’t about rushing our audience; it’s about understanding the end consumers pace.

During those two years, Apple’s consistent communication and branding influenced my decision to finally make a buying decision.

Newsletters, articles, branding – a continuous dialogue that guided me to my eventual choice. And… I landed there myself… 

Now, even when I was in the store, I felt uneasy about the decision.

Should I replace my battery or should I buy a new laptop?

Maybe this is similar to your clients right now?

Should I renovate or buy a new home?

Should I wait for interest rates to come down?

Should I wait for a market correction?

These are probably similar objections to what you’re hearing your prospects say right now eh?

How do we move people towards action?

Well that depends on the emotion of their current state…

And the only way we find that out is by asking better questions and getting better at communication. 

And unfortunately the rep wasn’t able to help to overcome my internal objections through asking the right questions 2 years ago – and even the other day they weren’t able to.

Questions like, “Am I making the right decision?” 


“Do I really need a new one?” echoed in my mind. 

Your prospects are pondering similar questions during the initial conversation that you have with them. 

So how do we make them feel safe?

We tackle objections before they arise by anticipating and providing solutions. 

We story tell about clients having similar issues or feelings and we share the solutions we created through stories. 

This is why I believe wholeheartedly in creating content, storytelling through content and educating the market on the decision making process. 

We do this not only 1:1, but we can do this in content (email, blogs, podcasts, short form etc) 

The clients you have sitting on the fence right now… 

They have internal questions that we haven’t answered. And unless we have a conversation, there is no way to answer those questions to help guide them in the right direction…

These are deeply emotional questions that if we can answer early on we build trust.

And it’s trust that allows our clients to make buying decisions.

This is why we engage in a lifetime nurture for our clients – consistent and persistent value and communication, especially through storytelling, is the secret sauce that has fueled our clients success. 

Ultimately all conversion happens in conversation.

Imagine this journey as a marathon, not a sprint. It’s not about sprinting to the finish line but maintaining a steady pace, consistently providing value to your audience.

So, to sum it up

Adapt to the gradual pace: Understand and respect your clients decision-making process.

Embrace consistent communication: Nurture relationships through ongoing dialogue.

Provide value: Deliver quality content consistently, both in frequency, storytelling and messaging.

We recently put together a playbook that will help you overcome objections and have better conversations. 

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