How To Make Better Decisions

Here’s a little exercise that Cody learned from a good friend on how to make better decisions that align with your values! Try it out for yourself and see the difference it makes for you to clear your head and gain clarity for your decisions!

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What is happening hope everyone is doing well we have a Starbucks grande blonde latte is one shot to go automate delegate with move today I want to chat about mindset. Today one shot about becoming a lifelong learner. Today we are talking about sales processes. So we’re going to title these live sessions talking coding. Hello, good day, hope you’re doing well. Hope you staying safe out there. Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Coffee with Cody, super excited to chat about something with you that it’s an exercise that I learned recently from a good friend Sean, I was asking him about a question really about how to make better decisions. And something he taught me was this exercise called facts and feelings. And what I really want to do is I want to provide some value, like wherever you’re at, in your business career wherever, wherever you’re at in your, in your life, I think that it’s important number one, to have set values, and it’s like, what are the things that I would even have it in a note in your phone? Like, what are the values that I live by? And what are the things that really drive me every single day that actually like what is the future look like, and this exercise is really helped me make a key decision in my life, and I’m gonna show you like, it’s super simple. And it’s this is gonna be a short, this is gonna be a really short podcast. So if you listen back on iTunes or Spotify, I encourage you to go to our website, because this, this specific podcast will be up. But really something that I’ve learned along the way about making better decisions from a good friend Ciaran, I’m going to share my screen here in a second is this thing that we call facts and feelings. So the cool thing about the what sron told me to do the other day, a good friend of mine, he he I was having trouble making a decision. And what he encouraged me to do was to essentially grab a piece of white paper and to write out what are all the facts? And what are my feelings? So what are the facts about the specific thing you’re trying to make the decision about? And then what are the feelings and as what happened is, as I began to write things out, I began to look at the facts. And I began to look at the specific decision from how am I feeling? Versus what are the actual things that are happening? What are the what are the things that I can make it about a statement, and something I’ve learned along the way from, from everyone, what’s up, Chase, hope you’re doing well, some people on live, what I’ve learned along the way is literally this is what I did. So I was making a decision the other day, you know, and I said, Okay, here’s here’s a fat, you know, the fact that though, you know, whatever decision you’re looking to make, maybe you’re making looking to make a business decision, like selling your business, for example, could be something that you’re looking at, what are the facts, okay, we have x amount of profit. And what are the feelings? It’s like, well, you know, this, this is my baby, like, I love the business. Like maybe that’s a specific thing. And I’m not selling the business. So like anyone that is listening back to the the podcast, and is like, Oh, he’s talking about selling, but I’m not selling the business. So that like I’m just using this as an example. But this is a great way that helped me clear my thoughts about a specific, tough decision that I had to made. And Megan, it was a it was an exciting decision that was making specifically about the business, but about where we’re headed in the future. But it was a tough decision as well. It’s like, and I think that when you can sit down and you can kind of clear your head and begin to say, okay, what are the 20 facts. And literally what I did is I sat down, have a really hard time making a decision. I sat down, I literally grabbed a Google Doc and I said here are the 20 facts. Here are the 20 feelings that I have about these things. And what you begin to do is I found that I gained so much clarity, at the end of the exercise it took literally only took me 1510 to 15 minutes actually do this exercise. So if you’re really struggling to make a make a decision inside your business or your life, this was a huge thing. So one thing that I did prior to this is I put in the notes on my phone. I pulled up our what we call our vivid vision so I got this from I got this from my friend Cameron Herold where he wrote a book called Vision. And I looked at the 10 year goal. And I looked at our 10 year vision for the future. And I looked at our values and I was having a difficult time making a decision. And what I did literally was here are the facts here my feelings. And it began to really help me understand that this decision was the right decision and maybe you’ll do this and maybe you’ll look at a specific situation you have going on in your life and or in your business, and maybe you’ll be able to do this specific exercise. And maybe it’ll make a really big difference cuz I know it made a big difference to me. So I just wanted to pop in here really quickly and share this with you. If you’re struggling to make a decision. I highly implore you pull up on your notes or have something like what are your vision? What are your values pull that up when making obviously the decision about the facts and feelings but literally grab a Google Doc and create like a spreadsheet or you excel if you want to like what are the facts? What are my feelings about the situation and I guarantee you what’s going to happen is as you go through this specific exercise, what’s going to happen is you’re going to get a tonne of clarity about the decision that you need to make. So if you’re struggling to make a decision, grab a Google Doc, write down your facts and feelings. Shout out to Shawn for giving this idea I really appreciate that. And it really really helped me make key a key decision inside of my life. So I just wanted to share that with you because I know it was valuable to me. We got a tonne of value. Thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of Coffee with Cody. We will see you soon. Bye guys.

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