Do You Want A Dedicated ISA?

One of the biggest pain points I hear from full time real estate agents and team leads is around attracting, hiring, onboarding and retaining great ISA (inside sales agent) talent.

Most real estate team leads know that no one is calling their database and the vast majority of their agents are not following up enough.

Simply put, your agents don’t have the time to follow up.

They are doing showings, writing offers, working their SOI among the tons of other things. 

This is while I wholeheartdly believe that every small to medium sized team and top perfoming agent needs a dedicated ISA on their.

What does a dedicated ISA do?

They keep follow up consistent and set appointments and in person showings for the agents. This is absolutely the missing link in multiple real estate businesses.

The missing link is having a system that dials in both the backend and front end marketing sales system… Which is why we launched our dedicated ISA Sales System.

What will we do for you with our Dedicated ISA Sales System?

1. We will run all your ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc to generate exclusive and geo-targeted leads
2. We will have our call center team call every lead
3. We will onboard, hire, train and retain a dedicated ISA that will work on your account 40 hours per week. They will generate you both live transfers and also work your IDX database to set in person showings on specific properties
4. We will work with the ISA on scripting and language – as well we will also work with your team on our winning scripts to get more deals under contract.

I really believe this is the missing link for so many real estate businesses.

If you think this is your missing link – send me an email to with the word DEDICATED and I will get you next steps.

Cody May
CEO at Sheridan St.
The #1 lead generation and appointment setting agency for real estate

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