8 Week Online Growth Accelerator Course

  1. STRATEGY – We’ll start with your online offer and get real clear on your goals and objectives inside your business… As a business owner you are constantly selling yourself and we will work on developing clarity around your brand, your message and your online strategy.
  2. SALES – Next, we’ll work together to develop and design your high value conversion sales funnel. It’ll be high-value, and high converting. We want to get this built early in the process, so you can get multiple leads in before the case study program is up.
  3. SOCIAL – My favourite high-probability, low-cost way to generate more business / is by positioning yourself as an Authority in your space. We’ll talk about “The Authority Framework“… and specifically what to do online and how to get credibility and clients. We’ll also establish your Communnication Rhythm —a simple system for you to produce weekly blogs, emails, podcasts or videos like I do …. the name of the game is always content, but content needs strategy.
  4. SHIFT – One of the most overlooked opportunities for more clients is the process of shifting them from a prospect to client… just learning how to run a Triage Call and Strategy Session the right way usually takes your conversion rate to 70-90%. We’ll work with you to practice this to ensure you are getting the right prospects and converting the right clients. 
  5. SUSTAIN – Once we’ve managed to master the strategy session and triage call… you’ll want to multiply the number of people you can engage with! So, we’ll finish up with creating the ultimate lead magnets for your business, maximise your opt-in rates, get leads with Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn and keep your clients happy through streamlining process.

– 2 – 3 hours of time spent on the course per week
– Time spent implementing and building your plan
– Implementing Facebook & Instagram strategy with an ad budget determined by your company.

Here’s how you and I will work together to make this happen:

The Training: Each week, we’ll focus on one of the growth strategies. There will be pre recorded trainings released each week for 8 weeks and they are the foundation of the program.

The Coaching: Each week there will be a LIVE 60 min group call available to you, where you can jump on to ask questions, get advice and we can brainstorm the specifics for getting things moving and progressing for you.

The Support: We have a private Facebook group just for Case Study Members. This is where we share wins, lessons and you can reach out for additional support. Here you have the benefit of not just me, but the rest of the group… You get to clean the collective insights, wisdom and experience from other growing their businesses just like you.

The Knowledge: We will deep dive an online video sales framework and will work together to develop the creative ideas to implement it. This system is used to help build the know, like and trust factor for your business.