Black Friday Offer for Real Estate Agents

A Black Friday Offer So Good…

It’s Gonna Be Difficult To Say No…

I’ve had some great folks buy our BF Bundle over the past few days.

So great it’s made me want to hang out with them.

And I’m inviting you.

I’m adding the bonus of a workshop with Vikram Deol and I…

Everyone who picks up the BF Bundle before the sale ends will have access to 1 private client training call.

This is where we role-play and train our private clients on the scripts that are working right now.

Now you usually need to be a client in order to access this training, but if you grab the bundle you will get a private invite to our next training on Dec 6th at 315pm est.

If you’ve already got it, you’re locked in too.

This is the only way to access our private client trainings.

You will get first hand access to how our clients are driving results for their business even in a down market.

On this call we will take you behind the curtain.

You can freely pick our brain across the hour we are together.

Included for everyone who picks up the bundle today.

Get your bundle here:

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