3 Costly Sales & Marketing Mistakes

Firstly, Who Am I?

Hey, I’m Cody. I am the Chief Executive Officer at an agency called StudioPTBO.

We work with passionate and energetic entrepreneurs, business coaches and consultants to build, grow and scale online. I came on as a partner to StudioPTBO 2 years ago and helped to double our revenue in less than a year.

I spent 10 years in the telecom industry managing sales teams for a fortune 500 company and transitioned into entrepreneurship 2 years ago.

Since joining StudioPTBO I have also been featured as a guest coach inside of Cat Howell’s Digital Distillery Facebook Ads program and have interviewed some of the best 7 – 8 Figure entrepreneurs on a podcast I co-host with my Business Partner, Neil Morton.

I am also excited to announce that we have our 1st book coming out in early 2021.

Why am I sharing this? Because it’s hard to know who’s legit these days.

While I am not claiming to have the magic pill to sales and marketing, I have to say we do know some stuff that will help you land online leads in today’s digital environment.

Now back to sales and marketing…

Not Focused On Lead Quality

One of the mistakes we made early on was focusing too much on lead quantity. The industry is obsessed with the amount of leads and focus way too much on the cost per lead. The cost per lead at the end of the day doesn’t matter if you can’t convert them, they aren’t valid numbers or they said they didn’t fill out the form. Frustrating I know…

There are so many ways for you to capture better quality leads online and here are a few ways.

1. One of the easiest ways to capture more qualified leads is by adding qualifying questions to your lead capture form. This could be as simple as requiring them to answer a series of questions in order to fill out your form. If you are a business coach that is looking to attract doctors, it could be as easy as asking, are you a doctor? If they answer no you are obviously not going to follow up with that lead.

2. Use a chatbot to help qualify the leads. This can be an extremely simple way of still capturing a high quantity of leads, but also ensuring you capture quality. Use a program like Manychat to send out a survey that will help to filter out the dud leads.

3. Ensure your messaging is clear. One of the best ways to ensure you are attracting high quality leads is to have clarity around your messaging. We find we can capture a higher quality lead by calling them out in the headline of the copy. For example if you are trying to reach entrepreneurs, literally spell it out and say Attn Entrepreneurs in the headline. You can have the best targeting, but if your messaging isn’t clear it will not draw in the right audience.

4. Hire an appointment setter. This is a great way to ensure that high quality leads are getting booked inside your calendar. In fact, it’s why we have built an in-house call center to help our clients that do not have the time or resources to hire their own in-house call center. Hiring an appointment setter can allow you to attract leads for your business and have the setter call them to qualify the lead. The reason we recommend doing this is because if you call a lead 5x you increase your contact rate by 70%. The other reason we recommend appointment setters is because most entrepreneurs are too busy to get to leads right away. An appointment setter will help ensure you get to leads right away and can increase your lead to appointment ratio by 100x.

No Sales Process

No amount of marketing can fix a broken sales process. One of the best lessons we have learned was during a podcast with Alex Charfen. Alex brought to our attention the 5 core functions of building a business.

1. Lead Generation
2. Lead Nurture

3. Conversion
4. Delivery

5. Retention / Resell

Just like the 5 key core functions of growing a business – the sales process also requires a clear strategy and process. Inside of the lead generation, lead nurture and conversion lies a sales process that you need to understand in depth. How are you bringing people from point A to completion of your sale? Have you sat down and mapped out every step? Do you know your conversion rate? Do you have scripts your sales team uses? Are you practicing and role-playing those scripts? How many people are a part of your sales process? These are all important elements of building a successful sales team.

We highly implore you to either hire a sales coach or work with your team internally to build, practice and tweak your sales process weekly. A good sales process requires everything to be mapped out as a standard operating procedure and is tracked daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. A good sales process leaves no room for guess work and is treated like a sports team. Every successful sports team has plays that they run and also watch their game tapes back to perform even better next time.

Here is an example of our step by step SOP (standard operating procedure) for our sales process. We implore you to map your sales process out to make the most out of your marketing.

  1. Call Booked with Business Development Team
  2. Pre-Call Research
  3. Discovery Call
  4. Email Sent After 1st Call with Case Study + Testimonials + Our Process PDF
  5. Go Back To Team (have pitch ready 1 – 2 days before the 2nd call)…
  6. Send Cody Google doc with info about the project. Cody will put pricing & details into the document for pitch.
  7. 2nd Call to Close Script – Pitch & Shut Up – Get you get credit card info (after you pitch make sure you go back to asking questions to understand if there are any unanswered questions)
  8. If they need to think about it make sure you book the 3rd call on the 2nd call – You always want to set up the next follow up call.
  9. Once they agree to work with us – gather credit card info and go to Cody to choose who is assigned to the job.
  10. Fill out jotform for the job.
  11. Input relevant new client info into Monday item
  12. Make connection to their account manager

You Aren’t Directing The Conversation

I’ve listened to thousands of sales calls and trained multiple sales people. One thing I have recognized is that every successful sale gives clear instructions and directs the conversation.

Failure to direct the conversation is one of the main reasons salespeople miss out on closing.

If you want your prospects to feel safe you need to both ask the right questions and lead the conversation. You need to frame the conversation at the very beginning of every call. Try leading the conversation and start with setting an agenda for the call. Ensure you are giving clear next steps. You never want to end a sales call without booking a follow up call. 

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